AMA Interview with TomoChain’s Dr. Long Vuong and BitOrb’s Hoong-Teng Lim

3 mins read

The Ask Me Anything (AMA) interview with TomoChain’s CEO, Dr. Long Vuong, took place recently. Representing BitOrb’s side was our very own CEO and co-founder, Hoong-Teng Lim.

Both CEOs were more than happy to share about how they met and what got them working together. It all began during TomoChain’s ICO period. Hoong-Teng saw the potential in TomoChain and decided to buy a bag of $TOMO for himself.

“[TomoChain fans] decided to have an AMA with Dr. Vuong and I joined in for that. At  that time, Dr. Vuong still hadn’t known me yet. I mean who am I, right? Just a guy with a bag of $TOMO.

“I got to see how he was answering the questions, you could see the sincerity and that’s why we love these live video AMAs it’s because that’s how you can really tell how committed people are behind their projects.

“Then, after that, I decided to propose to my team and say ‘you know what guys let’s look at issuing our tokens on the TomoChain blockchain’. And so, that’s when we organised a meeting and I met Dr. Vuong for the first time face-to-face in Singapore.”

As for Dr. Long, from the moment he met Hoong-Teng, he knew that they could work very well together.

“Hoong-Teng is definitely a very savvy entrepreneur. Well, that’s what I think. Actually, I want to thank Hoong-Teng for his support for TomoChain. I knew him from the TomoChain community, and he had been involved with the community.

“We had the discussion over Telegram around one year and a half ago and planned to work on something together. Later on, he decided to work on BitOrb and we met in Singapore.

“I think [BitOrb is] a great idea. Even more so because he tried to use TomoChain, and that’s something really wonderful. And you know, we love these types of collaborations.”

Check out the full AMA interview below or on our YouTube channel.


Elina Nasution

2nd January 2020


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