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Newsletter 16: Announcement: Orbyt Protocol

18 June was a big a day for us at BitOrb! We officially announced in the public sphere via social media channels, the partnership with our blockchain technology partner, Tomochain, on the development and issuance of the Orbyt Token. For those who haven’t read the whitepaper, Orbyt is a security token that enables qualified investors (token holders) to benefit from trading fee discount, access to the orchestrator and profit share that’s paid out in Bitcoin. The profit share is linked to the BitOrb Exchange’s profits derived from revenue based on transaction fees.

The announcement was also mirrored by Tomochain in Medium (a popular article app) and can be seen on popular channels. The Orbyt Token will be issued on the new TRC21 protocol by Tomochain.

Tomochain social media: Twitter . Telegram . Blockfolio

Offer Rating Sites:
We’re listed on this site with a current rating of 4.1 / 5. That is expected to go up higher once we upload our video to the website next week, and update a few details we were recommended to improve upon.

The scores achieved in 4 out 5 major classes and the items of consideration.

Overall, we’re pleased to have a good rating to begin with and are already working on another application at another offer rating site. Will share the news when done.

June Roadshow: Seoul + Hong Kong + Tokyo!
The events are by invitation only. However, if you’d like to know more about the BitOrb platform and the power of 3, email us: [email protected]com as soon as you can to set up a private discussion.

3 cities in a week: Contact us today for an appointment.

BitOrb: The Exchange Viewing
We’re very pleased to get many requests already on testnet (Exchange completed in Sept; Testnet Oct-Nov) and visuals of the exchange. We’ve got a starting team of 3 UI/UX developers working hard and fast on the concepts we shared with you in the whitepaper.

You can be assured that we will invite STO participants (more details later) to view the Exchange.

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