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Newsletter 17: BitOrb and its Orbyt Roadshow

“Your flight is now ready for boarding.”

After a week of traveling between 3 cities, one would have thought that a passenger would be dull to it by now. In fact the opposite happens! Your body jolts every single time.. especially if you’ve been catching a short nap after the 7am train ride to the airport.

With Bitcoin, the scenario and reactions to price movements are indeed very similar.

The Bitcoin price chart for the last few days of June 2019 (

Sharing about the BitOrb exchange for futures contracts had attracted very keen eyes on the subject matter for traders and investors. Every day during the roadshow to Seoul, Hong Kong and Tokyo, the audience (and the world) were experiencing 15–25% events as shown above. The volume for large players in the scene literally doubled or quadrupled in some cases from the usual daily turnover. The top exchange was recording USD 16bn in turnover within 24 hours, whilst others that normally showed a usual day of USD 300m, saw volumes increase up to USD 2bn. These volumes share two aspects about the derivatives space right now; it’s a multi-trillion dollar industry this year, and yet new platforms (less than a year old) with very similar offerings are able to not only capture a slice of the market, but are growing in size relatively as well (from <10% market leader share, to now 20%). This bodes well for our investors and waiting traders, as it confirms what we have been planning for this past 11 months: Deploy a superior platform for all levels of traders and couple it with the Orbyt token & the Orchestrator, and we will gain our market share.

STO and its digitized wave secured.
Talk to any lawyer worth their salt and they will happily remind you that the more accurate terminology for tokens in this space is digitized securities. Whether the token is backed by profit share, equity, art or land and much more, essentially companies are now able to issue digital tokens that securitise these assets for the benefit of the token holder. Remember though, STOs are not mutually exclusive to the cryptocurrency scene. It was actually a pleasure to see that during our roadshow we met others conducting their own STOs. They were involved in investment and distribution business models from other industries.

Overall, we are excited about the new contacts we made during the roadshow. We look forward to sharing more news as we continue to build these relationships in the coming weeks and months.

Introducing the BitOrb team at the Seoul event (25 June).

BitOrb is in a recruitment phase as well, where currently we have close to 20 team members across a few different countries, with a target of around 40 by year end.

At the Hong Kong event (27 June).

At the Tokyo event (28 June).

Sharing on BitOrb development currently and the milestones for the year.

Basic (2 of 3) Mode of the exchange, without any aesthetics.

We are more than happy to show investors in private viewings (online as well) or sessions such as these events, the actual exchange in development. We have 3 different modes, SIMPLE — BASIC — ADVANCE. Users of all levels of trading experience will be able to learn how to use BitOrb with ease.

The power of 3: The edge. The platform. The Ts.

We share with participants why they should invest in us right now:

Team and Technology. You are an investor, and you don’t have the time to learn everything about the investments you’re involved in.

So if you’re going to put your hard earned capital in a business, you should be able to trust the team to plan, deliver and manage as best as they can.

Target. This is a global reach business model. The derivatives market for cryptocurrency and digital assets is very much at its infancy at “mere” trillions now. The headroom for growth is exponential with the unlocking of more assets in the coming years and the eventual maturity of the cryptocurrency industry.

Timing. The BitOrb team did a few things worth mentioning in the early days. We started building a project in a bear market. In order to catch the wave, you have to start swimming hard before it arrives. We expected the project to take at least a year and half to deploy, and so we have planned it for the coming Bitcoin halving event in 2020. To be ready, we needed to be operational before the end of 2019. Timing is everything, and we are sticking to the schedule.

So if you’re looking to get some tokens, find out as much as you can about BitOrb by visiting our website, reading the whitepaper, following the social media channels and engaging our growing community.

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