BitOrb Xmas Party 2019: An Evening Filled with Food, Games and Laughter

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When there’s a celebration, the team at BitOrb is more than ready to kick into hyper-mode. When it comes to partying, we go all out to ensure everyone has an amazing time.

After all, our motto is ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’.

The night started a little earlier than most parties. By 4.30pm, we’ve already set up all the delicious food brought by everyone. We had piping hot Pakistani food, roasted duck, fried chicken and vegan pasta for mains. As for desserts, we really went ham with boxes of cupcakes, brownies, cream puffs, and a bunch of assorted snacks on the side.

After we filled our tummy up, we had an award ceremony to show appreciation to each of our members. In fact, it was a pleasant surprise prepared by the marketing team as even the bosses did not know about it. Everyone was touched by the award as they are customised according to each individual’s special traits.

Here’s a list of each member and their awards:

1. Lim Hoong-Teng – The Rock
2. Jeremy Fernandez – The Father
3. Umair Siddiqui – The Walking Wikipedia
4. Joel Ives – The Most Favourite (Once-a-Month) Boss
5. Najla Taufek – The Smartest Employee
6. Lee Tuan Khoon – The Next Smartest Employee
7. Lee Tuan Khoon – Most Beautiful Person
8. Adeline Low – The All in One
9. Elina Nasution – Jack of All Trades
10. Thomas Siew – The Fitness Freak
11. Khairulddin Mazlan – The Tinder
12. Atiqah Aszemi – Always On-Point
13. Eric Wong – The Minimalist
14. Lim Ghee Lam – The Best Smile
15. Priya Subramaniam – The Lady Boss
16. Batbanaban Gurudewa – The Best Hairstyle
17. Shazil Imri – The Silver Shield
18. Victor Lai – The Snack King
19. Jolene Lee – The Punster
20. Khairul Aziz – The Office Cheerleader

As the awards ceremony wrapped up, everyone got excited to jump into the games. We split the entire office into 4 groups led by Hoong-Teng, Jeremy, Umair and Joel.

We started it off with 2 Truths 1 Lie, a game where we must share 2 facts about ourselves and 1 false statement, and everyone must guess which is the lie. This game allowed us to get to know each other better.

Then, Game No.2 was more in-season as we played Guess the Song. We started off with Christmas songs and gradually played a few pop songs as well. The competition got pretty heated during this time as everyone scrambled to be the first to guess.

Lastly, to wrap up the session, we played Don’t Let It Touch the Ground. With balloons as the main prop, team members must not let the balloon touch the ground but the twist is that they cannot use their hands! They could only blow at it or use their legs to keep them up. Whoever could keep their balloons afloat the longest won.

Every team collected points as each game progressed. Finally, it was Team Umair who received the award!

As the night rolled on, we spent the rest of it merrily talking, playing ping pong, and stuffing ourselves with more food.

It was a memorable Friday indeed as everyone left for home (or for a second round at a local bar) with big smiles and a full tummy.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from the BitOrb Team!


Elina Nasution

9th December 2019


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