ORBYT tokens are issued on the TomoChain Network. You can hold your ORBYT tokens on a TomoChain wallet, called TomoWallet


There are three (3) methods to set up your TomoWallet / ORBYT Wallet:

  • Option 1: TomoWallet Mobile Application
  • Option 2: MyEtherWallet
  • Option 3: Ledger


STEP 1: Download TomoWallet

Go to either Apple Store, or Google Play and download the TomoWallet application (preferable to not use the desktop or web version).

You can create a new wallet, import an existing wallet, and transfer/receive ORBYT tokens.

Once you reach the screen as seen below, click on “Create New Wallet”



STEP 2: Backing Up Wallet (Set a Recovery Phrase)

Once you have landed on the page below, click “Continue

You will be required to set a recovery phase to backup your wallet. Your recovery phrase contains all of the private keys within your wallet. Please write down these 12 words, in order, and keep them somewhere safe offline. This phrase will give you (or anyone who has it) a way to restore your wallet and access your funds. In the event that you lose your password or lose the device on which the wallet is installed, this will be your safety net.

WARNING – If you lose your recovery phrase, you will be unable to recover access to your account.


STEP 3:  Store Recovery Phase

Physically write down the 12-word recovery phase to be stored securely offline. After doing so, click “Check It Again

STEP 4: Verify Recovery Phrase

You will be required to verify your recovery phrase. Once you finished listing out the phrase in order, click “Check It” to verify.

Your TomoWallet is now successfully set up!

NOTE:  Recovery/Importing existing wallet with Tomo Wallet app 

When you are recovering or importing your TomoWallet to a new device, ensure that all the words in your Recovery Phrase are in LOWERCASE.  

Your keyboard may automatically make the first letter of certain words (e.g., months) into uppercase.  For example, your recovery phrase may include a word that is a month such as March, in which case you need to key it into TomoWallet as ‘march’ and not ‘March’.


To learn how to setup the TomoWallet on MyEtherWallet, please use the guide provided by Tomochain here: https://docs.tomochain.com/get-started/wallet/



Open ledger live -> click “Manager” -> Validate the ledger live app on your ledger.

Here, search for the “Tomochain” app and click on Install.



Once you have installed the TomoChain app on your ledger device you may access your TomoWallet from the web, you have two options;


Tomo Web Wallet – https://wallet.tomochain.com/#/login

Please ensure your ledger is switched on, plugged in and you are logged into the TomoChain app.

Next, Click on the “Ledger Wallet” and click the appropriate derivation path.


Click on the first wallet address for ease and click “Unblock”



You have unlocked your wallet on the Tomo Web wallet

Key things to note:

  • Use the “send” and “receive” on the top left to send and receive ORBYT tokens
  • The ORBYT token balance is displayed just below the TOMO balance
  • Please ensure you are logged into the “TomoChain MainNet” on the top right corner





My Ether Wallet – https://www.myetherwallet.com/access-my-wallet

After arriving at the MyEtherWallet website, please ensure your ledger is switched on, plugged in and you are logged into the TomoChain app.



Next, click “Ledger”



Click on the drop down next to “Ethereum” and select TomoChain



Select the top wallet address for ease and click “access my wallet” 



You have unlocked your wallet on MyEtherWallet



Congratulations! You have set up your ORBYT Wallet on a ledger. 


For further support, do not hesitate to open the live chat on the bottom right of your screen “Let’s Chat!” or visit https://support.bitorb.com/