How to Use The Orchestrator in BitOrb Advance Mode

The Orchestrator built within the BitOrb exchange Advance Mode allows you to make your very own automated executable strategies which include taking profits or limiting losses. Setting your own rules and indicators seamlessly will mean that you can trade 24/7 in a 24/7 market. This would allow our users to set rules and indicators seamlessly and begin trading in a 24/7 market.

Here is a Quick Guide on How to Use the Orchestrator


The Orchestrator feature is available in the BitOrb Advance Mode. To view the feature, visit the BitOrb exchange and make sure your drop-down menu is on Advance Mode. You will then find the Orchestrator tab next to the Order Form. Click on the Orchestrator tab to view the Orchestrator.


Click on ‘Add Rule’ to create your automated strategies that will execute when set condition(s) are met.

Step 3: Setting the Rule

In the ‘Rule Setting’ section, you can create a name for the strategy you’re setting. (eg. 050620 – Short – 1000).

Step 4: Choose the Type of Rule

You can choose the type of Orchestrator rule by clicking on the dropdown menu of the ‘Create’ tab

Step 5: Add your strategy particulars

Next, fill the following details accordingly, wherever is necessary, based on your strategy particulars:

  • Buy or Sell: Do you want to Open Long (Buy) or Short (Sell)?
  • Quantity: The number of contracts you wish to purchase based on the Order Type
  • Leverage: You may go up to 100X on the leverage. 
  • Take Profit (USD): At how much profit do you want to close your order?
  • Stop Loss (USD): Do you want to add a limit to your losses?

Step 6: Add multiple conditions

In the ‘When’ section below, you will need to create your strategies as to when and how you will like the strategies to be executed for your orders to be created or unwind. You can add multiple conditions by clicking on the ‘+’ and choosing between ‘and’ and ‘or’ to set them accordingly.

Step 7: Create your rule

Once you have completed with inserting your strategies, click on ‘Create’ to create and add the rule to your Orchestrator.

Step 8: Strategies Created


To view all of your rules, you may scroll back up to the top of the Orchestrator tab.

To check if any of your rules have been triggered, you may view them in the Active Orders table in the Advance Mode.

Step 9: Active Rule

To check if any of your rules have been triggered, you may view them in the Active Orders table in the Advance Mode.


If you need further assistance, reach out to us at or click on the “Let’s Chat” widget available on the right-side of our website.


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