On 22nd May 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz went onto the Bitcoin Talk forum and paid a user 10,000 BTC for two Papa John’s large pizzas. At the time of his purchase, 10,000 BTC was worth USD 30-40. Today, the pizzas are worth USD 86.5 million (at the time of the writing of this article)! Since then, the crypto community has been celebrating 22nd May annually as “Bitcoin Pizza Day.”

Although some people see the day as an unfortunate time for Laszlo’s BTC wallet (and his net worth), it’s actually to recognize a big milestone for Bitcoin. At the time of the pizza purchase, Bitcoin was only over 1 year old and thanks to Laszlo, the first real-world transaction of Bitcoin took place. This historic date showcases a great step forward in the adoption of Bitcoin.

In the forum images below, you can see the discussion that took place between Laszlo and other Bitcoin Talk forum users about the pizza purchases 10 years ago!

Laszlo requesting for pizzas in exchange for 10,000 BTC on Bitcoin Talk forum
Laszlo informed Jercos that he has transferred 10,000 BTC


In an interview with Anderson Cooper and CBS News, Laszlo explained how he came up with the idea of purchasing pizza with Bitcoin. 

"I just honestly thought it would be really cool if I could say hey I just traded this open-source internet money for a real-world good and I thought you know what better thing than food. Food is a basic necessity - and you know pizza, every geek understands pizza"

He expressed that he has no regrets on the purchase and is happy to have contributed to the growth of Bitcoin in any means. Laszlo believes it’s not healthy to think about his past as a regret or a loss (honestly – we wouldn’t want to think that way either! That’s A LOT of money). 

Below are some photos that he shared during the interview of the pizzas that he purchased on 22nd May 2020. His daughter was there to witness the historic event and managed to taste the world’s most expensive pizza at only 1 year old! That’s one for the bucket list.


In the spirit of crypto and all things Bitcoin, we highly recommend everyone to take part in Bitcoin Pizza Day.

If this is the first time you are celebrating it, here are ways you can join the fun:

  1. Buy yourself and your friends/colleagues pizza from the original Papa John’s or any other pizza company for that matter. Over the years, companies like Domino’s in France has been open to celebrating this crypto holiday.
  2. Take the celebration to the next level by visiting a pizza parlour and paying your pizzas in Bitcoin.
  3. Pay it forward by donating 2 large pizzas to anyone in the world.
  4. Personalize your pizza with your favourite crypto logo design on it and share the photo on social media with #BitcoinPizzaDay. 
  5. Participate in our Bitcoin Pizza Day Giveaway


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