What is HODL?

‘Hodling’ is a term used in the cryptocurrency industry when someone holds on to their cryptocurrencies instead of selling it despite the current market prices increasing or decreasing drastically. This is because they believe that the value of their Bitcoin will appreciate. Eventually, as other cryptocurrencies came about such as Ethereum, Litecoin, etc., people also started using the term on them. 

The typo started as a silly drunken mistake in December 2013. A man by the username of ‘GameKyuubi’ had too many drinks and posted on a Bitcoin Forum with a typo in the subject titled “I AM HODLING”. It became a hilarious meme and soon enough, it was part of the crypto culture.

The crypto community has also made it into a witty acronym which stands for  “Hold On for Dear Life”.

Now, it is used in variations such as hodl (verb), hodler (noun), baghodler (noun), etc. 


It is widely agreed that one of the impediments to mass-adoption of cryptocurrency is scalability.  Bitcoin’s highest transaction throughput…