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BitOrb is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange that provides a platform for traders to buy and sell perpetual futures contracts. 

This means traders can profit from the price movement of BTC. So, if a trader buys Long contracts and the prices moves up, the trader can close his position by selling his contracts to gain more BTC  in return. If a trader has Short contracts and the price moves down, the trader would profit here as well. Popular cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETH are used to purchase these contracts and are settled in these digital assets when the contracts are sold.

BitOrb was founded by Lim Hoong Tend (CEO), Jeremy Francis Fernandez (CTO) and Muhammad Umair (CMO) in the year 2018.


To facilitate the services provided, BitOrb charges a transaction fee for each trade. 

Our taker fee is 0.0750%. 

Yes – users can benefit from the trading fee discounts via two ways:

  1. Create an account through a referral link
  2. Purchase more ORBYT tokens

registration / sign up

On the sign in page, click “forgot password” below the fields. Insert your e-mail address to receive the code to reset the password. 

Watch the free tutorial at

All usernames are created uniquely to the e-mail address that was used for the registration. To have a new username, you must sign up for a new account overall with a new e-mail address as well.

buy & sell

You may begin trading at

If you require further guidance on how to trade or navigate the features of BitOrb, you can also visit BitOrb Campus for free guides and tutorials.

Quick links:

  1. Learn how to trade on Simple Mode: 
  2. Learn how to trade on Advanced mode:

Yes – you may visit the BitOrb Campus for free guide and tutorials to begin your cryptocurrency journey!


If you are experiencing any issues with our services/products, please visit  or click on the live chat widget on the bottom right of the website to talk with our customer support team.

Yes, our team is available for an online free demo to guide users with:

  1. Sign up process
  2. Navigate Simple mode and Advanced mode
  3. Use the Orchestrator tool
  4. Staking ORBYT tokens and its benefits
  5. Answer any questions at the end of the session

Request for free demo at


Commissions will be paid out in BTC and the schedule will be announced soon.


You may visit our Tutorial Guide for more information: 

Commissions will be paid out in BTC and the schedule will be announced soon.

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