How to View Assets and Transaction History

Balance Trading and Wallets

You can view your asset details in the ‘Balance’ section. You will be able to view your asset, asset history, order history, and filled history.

  • To view your asset related information, click on ‘Balance’ on the upper right of the page.
  • In ‘Trading Wallet’, you can deposit or withdraw your asset.
  • Click on ‘Transaction History’ to view all your asset related transactions.

Viewing Trading History

Go to ‘Transaction History’ at the top left of the screen (to the right of “Balance”) and click on ‘All Transactions’ to view your asset related history.

In this section, you can view all the history of your deposits, withdrawals, take fees, maker commissions, realised profit and loss and funding.

Under “Transaction History” you can click on “Trade History” which shows all executed, open and closed trade orders.

Under “Transaction History” you can click on “Order History” which shows all closed positions and the relevant realised profit or loss.


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