Member of the Week: Khairulddin ‘Dean’ Che Mazlan

3 mins read

Tanah Merah is a small town in Malaysia, and it is home to Khairulddin ‘Dean’ Che Mazlan. Though he loves home, Dean had to move to Kuala Lumpur anyways, the capital of the country for the sake of his studies at the age of 18.

Not long after that, Dean graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems and got an offer to join Ambank as the Functional and Test Analyst. He was involved in Project Phoenix, Ambank’s new internet banking system. His responsibilities include ensuring the quality of the product across the web, mobile web and even mobile application.

Later, he was promoted to become the Data Analytic and MIS Reporting of the Retail Online Banking Delivery team. In this role, he had to calculate the revenue for the company and predict new business opportunities.

After over 3 years with Ambank, Dean decided that he wanted to take a break before finding a new opportunity. Initially, he did not plan on finding a job so soon. He wanted to slowly explore the globe first. He was at Perhentian Island relaxing by the beach with a book in his hand when he received a call from a recruiter.

The recruiter found Dean’s profile on LinkedIn and felt that he was suitable to be BitOrb’s Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer. Seeing it as a golden opportunity, he immediately headed back to Kuala Lumpur to go for the interview.

Though Dean wasn’t an expert in crypto at that time, he knew deep down that crypto is the right path in the future of technology. Taking advantage of BitOrb’s testnet, he is now confident to trade real currency rather than just play currencies.

“Since joining BitOrb, I’ve learned a lot about crypto and developed the skills to trade tremendously!”


Elina Nasution

31st January 2020


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