Member of the Week: Umair Siddiqui

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At a young age, Umair Siddiqui realised he had some sharp entrepreneurial skills. As a student, he bought plain t-shirts, printed fun motives on them and sold them as graphic tees. Besides that, he ran ventures on the popular virtual reality site in “Second Life” as a 14-year-old. He knew he would eventually start his own ventures in the coming years, but no one could have guessed that it would be in the crypto industry.

After graduating with a BA in Economics and Management from University of Nottingham, Umair launched his career in Citibank as a Product Manager. Then, he moved into Standard Chartered Bank corporate banking where he honed his skills in building connections with clients, before he moved into Transaction Banking Sales team where he learned about payments and cash banking. Around this time, Umair started getting into cryptocurrency and trading.

Not long after that, he ventured into the world of crypto as an investor, teacher, advisor and consultant to various projects. He also co-founded a fitness application called Joompa Technologies.

Umair met with the other co-founders of BitOrb, Lim Hoong-Teng and Jeremy Fernandez, as friends for a few years without realising they shared a great common interest which is crypto.

 As they ventured deeper into the industry, they realised that there were several gaps in the cryptocurrency derivatives exchange market and wanted to build something more sophisticated than what had been a norm for a number of years. Together, they founded BitOrb and built the Orchestrator – an easy to use, intuitive automated trading tool which assists users by creating trading strategies.

Within BitOrb, he built relationships with Onfido, Admiral Digital, GA Brands and more. As the Chief Marketing Officer, he is in charge of the overall marketing strategy, user acquisition, growth in liquidity and overall growth of the exchange in several jurisdictions.

Despite all these accomplishments, he still has a strong vision for the company,

“Adding a broad range of products into BitOrb is part and parcel of the journey but the most important thing is that we leave a long-lasting legacy…”


Elina Nasution

5th December 2019


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