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Newsletter 20: 50 years ago this week, the world witnessed the Moon landing.

“Now we witness the launch of BitOrb into the social media space.”

Referencing to that historic space mission, our social media presence has grown by leaps and bounds in the same number of days it took to get Apollo 11 from the Earth to the moon. In this early phase of our 360 degree approach to marketing, we are focusing on the Telegram and Twitter channels. Other channels will be developed at a later stage. We were expecting the numbers to trickle in as we began our first steps into the digital campaign. Instead in 3 days, we got a big and pleasant surprise!

The most popular channels for crypto projects, grew from a few to more that a 1000 in just a few days!

The BitOrb Team would like to extend a real big shout-out to our supporters and thanking them all for registering on our website whilst liking and sharing our news to others around the world!

Registration: Getting it done well and good

Some of you experienced a delay in getting your email confirmations and KYC done which usually takes less than 10 mins. Most delays were as a result of poor quality pictures uploaded or the size of the pictures were too big with possibly very slow internet speeds.

Delayed or rejected KYC checks can also be due to old or torn documents

We take our Know-Your-Customer checks seriously. As a security token and an exchange that is pro-regulations, we have gone above and beyond the usual industry norm of performing these checks; as is expected of the regulators.

Therefore, all KYC checks carried out in BitOrb cover the following:

Documentation authenticity (standard check), Data validation (standard check), Police record (additional check), Social media (additional check), Sanctions (additional check), Politically Exposed Persons (additional check), Global Watch list for Fraud, Murder and/or Terrorism (additional check)

More than 50 points of interest are under scrutiny during document checks

A global watch list report on every registration

Some will not pass our stringent identity checks due to the extent we have gone to in implementing KYC for all our investors. As a result, applicants should understand that it does take a little longer than normal to get their application approved. We would also like to point out that we have seen many files that are unnecessarily large in size or old, damaged or torn. If they are being sent via low internet connection speeds, it can cause even more delays in processing. Please keep files to less than 1 megabyte in size.

Screenshot from the KYC, AML, and Watchlist checks carried out and completed thus far

We are encouraged by the fact that more and more registrations are coming in regularly and by the time we launch this exchange, we can prepare for and anticipate a decent portion of supporters will also be users of the exchange. This influx and our commitment to grow the subscriber base to many thousands is an indicator that we are on the right path to achieve what we have set out to do.

Latest Updates:

  1. We already submitted our exchange license application for our base of operations in Mauritius. Getting a license is a stringent process. Besides the need for processes and safeties to be in place, the application requires clear and concise understanding of the operations by the regulators. We will update as and when we have more details in the coming months.
  2. We have appointed a 3rd reputable law firm (Singapore and New York before this) for a new jurisdiction, and are proceeding with the first steps in an application for a local crypto derivatives exchange license as part of our mandate. As resources permit, we will endeavor concurrently to apply in more nations.
  3. We have confirmed two articles for and another for Both articles are expected to be published before the end of July or by early August.
  4. We are expecting the review process of to be completed by this week. It has taken about a month to get here, but we were pleased with the manner in which they conducted their analysis and the due diligence taken to talk to us over the phone and clarify key points. Expect an announcement soon in BitOrb social media when they have published their findings.

Investor Options:

We have more investor bonus token allocations for those investing in amounts larger than USD 10,000. You are encouraged to email us after you have completed your registration and KYC if you are interested to participate in a bigger way.

All investors who invest more than USD 1,000 are entitled to the official BitOrb sky-blue T-shirt posted to you directly anywhere in the world!

One item per investor and the usual terms and conditions apply.

Other items in Progress:

There are other items of import happening in the background, and these include:

  1. Exploring options for an AMA with a very large youtube influencer. We should have confirmed our choice before the end of this July.
  2. Confirming at least one broker-dealer crypto-experienced partnership, to represent BitOrb fundraising interests in their respective regions of the world.

That’s it for now and thank you so much for investing in Orbyt Tokens!

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