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Newsletter 25: Contact us today!

“If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.” - Napoleon Hill

Announced in last week’s newsletter, we opened our doors for affiliate programme applications and we are very glad to see that the response to the BitOrb exchange demonstrations has been extremely positive. We think that we’re scoring high with social media influencers now because our demo is almost at testnet levels and the exchange design is intuitively simple for new traders and fundamentally sound for master traders.

We are still far from achieving our goal as a market leader in the crypto derivatives (still a few months to launch!) space but we know that every small step forward we take every day, will lead us to greater heights.

The hills at Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

Life’s a journey of ups and downs, lefts and rights. A run through these hills reminds us all that life is similar… It looks really beautiful on the other side but it does take a focused and persistent effort to get there. 

1st Intake: We invite all interested parties (individual or corporate) to apply to join the BitOrb user acquisition programme before the end of SEPTEMBER 2019.

In line with our 100% belief that the exchange will be a great platform, BitOrb decided to put the mettle to the test and enter an 8km charity run through these highland hills!

BitOrb Team of Joel, Herra and Khoon at the 8km finish line!

Not only did the team make it to the finish line in less than an hour but we did it in style by taking a podium position as well. Nice.

USA: We have a new addition to the team!
A new full-time representative of BitOrb just joined us a few days ago. His name is George and he is based on the east coast. This is great news for Americans who have shown interest in working or investing in BitOrb!

Thank you so much for investing in Orbyt Tokens. Remember to get your complimentary BitOrb Tee!
Back to work!

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