Newsletter 26: An original proposition

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“Don’t find fault. Find a remedy” - Henry Ford
It is our 2nd week into engaging relevant and successful social media influencers. The opportunity is very attractive for influencer-partners in the crypto and lifestyle space and we are very excited about their recent onboarding. This has a lot to do with our unique marketing strategies that are being readied for execution alongside testnet. The beat is getting faster at the office as we close in on testnet launch in less than 60 days.

Last week, we attended an event. As we are in the phase of partnering up with influencers, it was logical to hear about the nuances of influencers themselves. There is a convergence-divergence of new and old personalities in this space. All agree that social media is and will continue to play a big role in the market space. All agree that there is profound strength in numbers (in this case, followers) and that engagement is key to being successful.

During question time, we asked the lifestyle-orientated influencers about who is the best influencer from the finance industry, and whether influencers prefer working with a few brands and growing with them, or only prefer contracts that get payment upfront. In a room full of business owners and executives, it was easy to see that in the fiat-only world, the questions were difficult for the panel to answer. This gave us two clear signals. First, Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency world is still very much unheard of or not pursued at this stage. Second, influencers (well at least this panel) are very much about payment upfront and less about growing in the long run with companies.

We know there are less influencers in the crypto space than when compared to those in retail and product. But then look at e-sports, where the stadium is the world and people pay to watch better players play online! It has grown tremendously and will get larger into the future. Now compare that to cryptocurrencies; where the exchange is the world and people pay to learn and watch and follow how better traders trade online. Where entertainment has gone ballistic in user acquisition, we see a similar route happening for the cryptocurrency industry that is still very much under the radar in comparison. If combined with all of the major categories of blockchain use (record keeping, smart contracts, securities, and currencies), the market capitalization potential is literally in the hundreds of trillions.


For us, there are great profits in a good relationship.


The team believes that influencers add value to our digital marketing strategy for now and into the future. We give them free rein to evaluate our exchange as they see fit. After all, we built our exchange from the ground up, so we are able to receive constructive criticism & execute new features when applicable and economically feasible. Influencers should get paid for their efforts upfront, but more importantly, they should also have the opportunity to partner up with companies that they like.

The next day after the event, we went back to the office to have a think about this. We know and understand the rationale and need for Bitcoin. The fact that many do not have a grasp of it only goes to show the potential upside (as crypto traders we can’t help ourselves thinking about this) of global acceptance sometime in the future would create not just waves of new users but an even more robust and resilient market than now. It also occurred to us that an influencer in the fiat world doesn’t really have a viable option to verify that the company they are working will pay them in the future in whatever form agreed upon.

It’s moments like this that the BitOrb team is really glad that we took that step forward and said that the Orbyt Token is a digital security with an underlying asset of our future profits. Basically, we tokenised 20% of our profits and token holders receive these profits paid out in Bitcoin. We do this for two reasons: To thank investors that we appreciate every dollar invested in us and for providing the best chance possible for the BitOrb team to succeed. To enable anyone who qualifies to get a share in a multi-trillion dollar industry. We believe that good opportunities shouldn’t be restricted to only the few and just to those at the top.

BitOrb Marketing’s Umair and Elina at a blockchain event held last month.


So if you’re an influencer, and you’ve come onboard, WELCOME TO BITORB. If you haven’t as yet, and you’re reading this for the first time, or you’re from an entirely different industry, then contact Umair and Elina today ([email protected]) and we’ll set up a call for you to get to know us and our platform.


1st Intake: We invite all interested parties (individual or corporate) to apply to join the BitOrb user acquisition programme before the end of SEPTEMBER 2019.


Exchange: Less than 30 days to completion!
It is now the month of September and we’re expected to complete all the exchange key features by the end of this month! Yeah, we’re almost there!

Due to popular demand, and a key feature of our digital marketing campaign, we’re pleased to announce that our referral link feature has been added and will be ready for testnet.

Thank you so much for investing in Orbyt Tokens. Remember to get your complimentary BitOrb Tee!
Back to work!


Hoong-Teng Lim

4th October 2019


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