Newsletter 30: Milestone Achieved!

5 mins read

“First gain the victory and then make the best use of it you can.” — Lord Horatio Nelson

A victory! Exchange Development Completion!

Exchange Completed: BETA site is LIVE!

We are very happy to announce that the underlying engines of the exchange have been completed. You are able to sign in to today!

Some functions have been disabled as we focus on aesthetic and layout details. Other items left for fine-tuning, will be on the interfaces for simple orders and advanced order tables. These will be implemented over the next few weeks before switching over to testnet at the end of the October month.

Currently, only BTC|USD contract is enabled. The following diagrams are for your reference to get you started on the beta site. Have fun!

Only Testnet BTC (TBTC) deposits are enabled. Do not send ACTUAL BTC. 


STEP 1: Signing Up


STEP 2: Testnet BTC exchange wallet


STEP 3: This is how you can get some Test BTC sent to the Beta site


STEP 4: Confirm the transfer by checking the Testnet explorer


STEP 5: Check and confirm balance for the address


STEP 6: Check and confirm balance in the exchange wallet


If you have any feedback or recommendations, please send to [email protected] One giant step closer to going mainnet!

Team Update: New Advisor for the US

For the past few months, we’ve been building our presence in the US in preparation for the long game in the cryptocurrency derivatives market. This resulted in the appointment of a legal firm, a broker dealer, a full-time BitOrb representative and a former BlackRock Vice President as a BitOrb Advisor. Today, we are pleased to announced that the US Team is growing with the addition of another BitOrb Advisor from the crypto community: Korean Jew!

Jake Baval is a well-known and respected crypto influencer who has built his global following over the years through engaging content on YouTube, Twitch TV and Twitter. He is the founder of Korean Jew Trading where he guides users with best trading practices and insights in the crypto market. Jake has over 74k followers on twitter and 16k subscribers on YouTube.

Marketing: 1st Intake for BitOrb Affiliate Programme

We have successfully signed on 10 cryptocurrency influencers for the 1st Intake. Thank you to all who came onboard!

Thank you so much for investing in Orbyt Tokens. Remember to get your complimentary BitOrb Tee!

Back to work!


Hoong-Teng Lim

4th October 2019


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