Newsletter 35: USD 6,400,000

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“In fact, the earliest known written record of a variant is for SupercaliflawjalistTcexpialidOshus from a column by Helen Herman in The Syracuse Daily Orange, March 10, 1931.

The columnist muses about her made-up word, describing it as including “all words in the category of something wonderful” and “though rather long and tiring before one reaches its conclusion, … once you arrive at the end, you have said in one word what it would ordinarily take four paragraphs to explain.” — Merriam Webster


The description above best describes the journey during our Security Token Offering in 2019.

To give you an idea of what is known as the STO, we have:

  • Driven multiple 1-day 800km round trips to meet potential investors
  • Flown more than 100,000+ km
  • Pitched online and offline in more than 200 sessions.
  • Persisted for over 365 days to find the investors who share in our vision
  • And slept so very little.

Recently with more investors coming onboard, we are pleased to announce that we have now:

Raised a stunning USD 6,400,000.

Securing these funds provides operational and marketing funding. This also enables us to meet regulatory requirements essential in catapulting BitOrb forward in the years to come.

The are only 25 days left before we close the STO.

Contact us today to grab what tokens we have remaining. Be part of the journey, be part of our history! Get your complimentary BitOrb Tee!


Official Media: BDO Australia takes on first new audit client in the crypto derivative space — BitOrb

Australia’s fastest growing mid-market accounting and professional services firm, BDO, has announced its first audit client in the crypto-derivatives sector, global cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, BitOrb.

BitOrb is a platform that facilitates the trading of crypto derivatives, and currently provides perpetual futures contracts, where the value is derived from and dependent on the value of an underlying asset. BitOrb will look to add more products in future, including options and warrants.

BDO’s Global Leader for Fintech, Tim Aman said: “One of the biggest barriers holding institutional investors back in this market is the lack of transparency about the quality of digital assets. By providing comprehensive audit and assurance services for companies such as BitOrb, we can help introduce new investment into this asset class.”

“With the global derivatives markets valued at around 1200 trillion US dollars, there is a growing need for companies to provide investors with independent assessment of their activities and BitOrb has been proactive in their corporate approach to the market since the beginning.”

“BDO will undertake a range of services for BitOrb including: financial statement audits, controls assurance reports, anti-money laundering counter-terrorism and fraud independent reviews, accounting advice, and board governance support,” Mr Aman said.

Lim Hoong-Teng, Co-founder and CEO of BitOrb said: “Providing transparency is a fundamental part of our vision at BitOrb. With BitOrb partnering with BDO, one of the worldwide leading Assurance and Advisory firms, we see this as great step for the industry with regards to transparency. This will provide comfort for our Shareholders, Orbyt Token holders and any users of the exchange.”

“We want to create a platform that is easy to use so that more investors can take part in this exciting investment sector.”

The BitOrb Testnet Trading Competition is starting soon, and this is a shout-out to all traders who wish to join. Registration is FREE and Test BTC will be allocated to all traders who register during this promotion. Sign up early to check out BitOrb features and to get updates via email as well!



JUST LAUNCHED.. A new initiative from BitOrb!

We’ll be adding more and more content on a weekly basis, eventually involving more and more master traders / influencers / content specialists to give us the latest insights and updates in the crypto scene.

Thank you so much for investing in Orbyt Tokens. Remember to get your complimentary BitOrb Tee!


Hoong-Teng Lim

5th November 2019


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