Newsletter 36: Launching into space.

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The men who move a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” — Confucius

Reporting in to the new office!

First day at the new BitOrb software development office


11 November was the day we started operating at our new office for software and support services. The day started off bright and early with a management meeting going through status reports from finance, marketing and software heads of department.

Finance —  With the fundraising round coming to a close this month, we have now fine-tuned our budget and expenses accordingly to suit the needs of the exchange from launch and into 2020. The budget will adjust as and when according to marketing requirements and new product development.

Marketing — We have scheduled official press releases and will continue to allocate a sizeable budget for digital marketing and trading competitions. These will be announced as and when via our social media platforms.

Software — The development team has grown in size (now 12) with the additional hires of Quality Assurance and Cybersecurity personnel. We have set high expectations and will ensure that our product is 100% fit for global deployment. Like a rocket flying into orbit, we cannot afford to make any mistakes or allow for failure when we launch the BitOrb Exchange.


We will be attending BLOCKSHOW @ Singapore!

Do tag us on Twitter or do a shout-out to any of the admins in Telegram if you’re going as well. We’re always happy to meet supporters of the BitOrb Exchange!

November 14–15 @ Singapore Marina Bay Sands!

Testnet Trading Competition Coming Soon!

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Hoong-Teng Lim

13th November 2019


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BitOrb Testnet Trading Competition is coming soon where winners will be rewarded in Bitcoin and ORBYT Tokens!

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