Newsletter 37: Knowledge is Power.

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“Successful knowledge transfer involves neither computers nor documents but rather interactions between people.” — Thomas H Davenport.

BitOrb Campus: Staff Training

Today marked the first day for five new additions to the BitOrb Team. They include Marketing, Quality Assurance Testers and Customer Service personnel. BitOrb is committed to educating the public about the blockchain industry and we started the BitOrb Campus training sessions on the new staff.

At the same time, elsewhere in another room at the office, BitOrb Economics Advisor Rand [PhD] was busy working with the staff on the Campus modules to be launched in the coming weeks for visitors online. It was indeed a day of knowledge transfer!

Introducing Blockchain and Bitcoin to new BitOrb team members

As we ramp up operations and approach the testnet trading competition, the team has begun preparing and creating more video content for social media engagement and advertising.



Creating promotional content for BitOrb with a Russian crypto-influencer

BitOrb Campus: The Australian Tour

“…a better template for crypto market growth is not the FX environment today, but rather FX back in the early post-Bretton Woods days in 1976 when there was very little experience with freely-fluctuating exchange rates, George Soros was “breaking the Bank of England”, and researchers were trying to understand the determinants of changes in previously-fixed FX rates, if only to hedge them” — Prof. Terry Marsh, Emeritus Professor, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.

In 2017, within the hallowed corridors of the NYC’s elite hedge funds, investment banks, and asset managers there were discussions about a potential new investment called Bitcoin. But what was it? Is it a technology? Is it an asset? How does it work? How do you buy it? For once, deep expertise about an investment product did not come from the grizzled managing directors & portfolio managers with decades of Wall St experience, but from the young and dapper analysts and associates barely out of college.

It was during this period that my close friend and mentor Prof. Terry Marsh and I had several dinner discussions about the use case for digital assets and the implications of the widespread adoption of crypto-currencies. We sought to to sift through the buzz and hype to understand what was likely to be truth and what was “fake news”. These discussions became scrawled handwritten notes on dinner napkins before being full-fledged articles in peer-reviewed academic outlets such as the Journal of Investing and Studies in Economics and Finance.

Incidentally, several Wall St quants caught wind of my expertise and academic publications in the field. As fate would have it, an ex-colleague introduced me to the CEO of a young, fledgling, scrappy start-up called BitOrb with the intention of grilling the founding team’s execution strategy and to evaluate its investment potential. I approached the task seriously, but admittedly, with much skepticism.

Skepticism, if you ask any angel investor or venture capitalist, is a necessary trait in a space that is resplendent with scams and where a fool and his money are easily parted. Many, many hours of intense discussions with BitOrb’s executive and technical staff ensued to the point where the CEO exhaustedly expressed “Rand, I’m not sure where all these discussions will lead to, but I appreciate all the questions you’re raising and at the very least we got to know each other pretty well”.

What it did lead to was a conversion of a skeptic into a believer of BitOrb. The camaraderie of the BitOrb team and their candour. Their willingness to acknowledge their weaknesses rather than their strengths. Their thoughtfulness of how to address future challenges by selecting the right partners and advisors. Their razor sharp focus on maintaining the momentum of bringing the product to market. All these aspects won me over.

Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies are also winning over investment professionals in the funds management space. This is best exemplified by the re-branding exercise where Crypto-currencies are called “Digital Assets”, and the blockchain is now called the “Distributed/Decentralized Ledger”. The re-branding exercise is taking place as despite the prices of digital assets being lower than the highs of 2017, transaction volumes have increased. As the technology underpinning digital assets is now better understood, it is being rolled out by many major investment banks and central banks. Thus, more investment professionals realize how digital assets can overturn traditional financial services and are encouraging investors to diversify into this new asset class.


Rand introducing BitOrb as a case-study during his tour in Australia

As an Honorary Senior Fellow of the University of Queensland, Australia, I was invited to present on the topic of “Digital Assets” at several universities in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. While presenting a holistic view of the strengths and future challenges of digital assets, I took the opportunity to use BitOrb as a case-study of a start-up that was fully entrenched in the digital assets ecosystem by using Security Token Offerings (STOs) to raise capital to bringing a derivatives digital assets exchange product from inception to launch within an expedited time frame. The audience was captivated by the idea of using STOs as an efficient capital raising exercise and how the capital was effectively deployed by BitOrb’s executive team in building a user-friendly trading platform with cutting-edge capabilities. From the younger members of the audience much excitement was derived from the novel features such as the Orchestrator and the 20% profit share from the exchange itself by investing in Orbyt tokens.

It remains true for now and the foreseeable future that much will be unknown about the price movements of digital assets and its determinants; however, the corollary is that these price movements will still need to be hedged with derivatives. And for those who seek to do so, BitOrb will be there supporting them.


BitOrb Campus: Learning by paying attention to the industry 

A few days ago, we were at the BlockShow Singapore 2019 event organised by Cointelegraph. We attended the 2-day event to meet token investors, traders, influencers and partners of the exchange.

Wake-up bright and early @ 430 am to catch the earliest flight!

Elina and Hoong-Teng on the flight to Singapore

CZ shared his insights of crypto advancements in the US and in China, and how fast things can be for China through its power structure and execution of orders.

Hoong-Teng and Changpeng Zhao (CZ), CEO of Binance

Blockshow having some fun with the audience with introduction of Lil Bubble.

Lil Bubble who shot to fame due to his parody of Lil Nas X’s Old Town Road titled ‘All Time Lows

Seen here catching up with BlockShow organiser and staff of CoinTelegraph, Robert Miller.

Elina with Robert, Business Development Manager of CoinTelegraph

We’re always looking for partnerships that can showcase BitOrb to the global masses.

Getting pointers on marketing in the blockchain industry
Hoong-Teng catching up with Dr Long Vuong, CEO of Tomochain

Use your knowledge and test your skills during the free Testnet Trading Competition coming soon!

USD 33,000 worth of prizes to be given away!


Hoong-Teng Lim

21st November 2019


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