Newsletter 38: S.T.O ends on Nov 30!

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“What people tend to forget is the journey that I had getting to Formula One. There were plenty of years where I had to learn about losing and having bad races.” — Lewis Hamilton

The STO portal will be taken offline by Sunday, 1st Dec. It has been a 6-month journey and the offering is now coming to a close this weekend. Perhaps one day, we will write a novella on this! A big Thank You to all investors!

For those who haven’t participated as yet, you may still do so before the closing date.

New video release and many, many more to come!

We are pleased to announce the very recent upload of the BitOrb introduction video which can be found here.

Check out our latest video today!

It’s a quick and simple video for those who wish to share with friends on why people should trade on BitOrb.

From next week onwards, we will begin releasing videos on a weekly basis, focussing on key team members and advisors!

Exchange Update: Tests

  • First round of infrastructure security testing has been completed and have met initial expectations.
  • Application security testing is underway, looking for possible breach points in the exchange.
  • We are aiming to do performance testing this week and the next to stress test the exchange and to get preliminary confirmations on transactions speeds or TPS.
  • We are now conducting backup and restoration testing. This is to ensure data is not lost during maintenance periods and/or scheduled updates.

On another note,

  • API Documentation release is ready. Please contact us if you want to connect to the exchange today!
  • Translations of our website and exchange for major languages including Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Russian are underway!

The BitOrb team is growing!

Scaling up has been exciting for the team, with new staff joining every week. Currently, we have 9 full-time staff in tech and we are still searching for more talent to cater for product expansion and user applications.

Increasing the team members across the board

Use your knowledge and test your skills during the free Testnet Trading Competition coming in DECEMBER!


Hoong-Teng Lim

27th November 2019


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