Newsletter 40: Testnet is days away!

5 mins read

“The shorter way to do many things is to only do one thing at a time.” — Mozart

It’s a good thing we planned ahead and gave ourselves 2 months of beta testing. As you know, development work stopped at the end of September. The past two months have been challenging mentally and psychologically as we had to do countless iterations of test-review-debug-update and repeat. For those who have been watching closely, Beta (if you click on “Start Trading”) has been left alone for some time now. This is good, as we have to ensure that the platform is also time-tested as it runs continuously.

Our objective to ensure we deliver a world-class experience and that the BitOrb exchange goes on performing to our highest expectations.

Like the master composers of the past, creating their masterpieces took time and singular focus. It is still enjoyed centuries later.

Tokenholders guide has just been RELEASED!

This guide is for you to set up your token wallet and to receive the Orbyt Tokens! It only requires a few steps in registration that’s very fast to do and download the tomochain wallet (via google play or applestore). Everything is done via your mobile phone. Nice and easy.

However, if you do need any assistance or clarification, please use the support site to connect to our customer support team.

Tokenholders should register their wallet address ASAP!

That’s it! You have now registered and are ready to receive your Orbyt Tokens on ISSUANCE day

As you read in last week’s newsletter, the listing on our first spot exchange is coming really soon! Get your wallet address registered according to the guide above as soon as possible. The first weekly deadline for tokenholders to register their addresses will be announced soon, so they can receive their tokens on ISSUANCE day (also to be announced).

So get moving and start registering now…Let’s Get Into Orbyt! #LGIO

We are Hiring!

The company is never successful without its people. Hence, we make it a priority to give the best work environment. Just in the past week saw the addition of another 2 customer support teammates!

If you know someone who has the skill set required and is looking to be part of the next revolution in global finance, tell them about BitOrb!

Caption from the website Careers page
Some of the BitOrb team from one part of the world, taking a group photo recently

If you believe you have the ability and persistence to be more than you can be as part of a great team, then wait no longer, and send in your resume today!

Use your knowledge and test your skills during the free Testnet Trading Competition coming soon!


Hoong-Teng Lim

10th December 2019


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BitOrb Testnet Trading Competition is coming soon where winners will be rewarded in Bitcoin and ORBYT Tokens!

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