Newsletter 43: $ORBYT Listing!

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“Know what you own, and know why you own it.” — Peter Lynch.

Basically, do your homework before making a decision.

Hello and Happy New Year everybody! We trust the new year celebrations went well for you and like us, you’re all charged up to make this year a productive and prosperous one!

In recent weeks and what’s coming up next:

Token offering completion — November 2019
Testnet Launch — December 2019
$ORBYT Issuance — December 2019

BitOrb | Tomochain A.M.A. — 2 January 2019
$ORBYT Listing and LIVE A.M.A.— 3 January 2020
Testnet Trading Competition — 8 January 2020

To start the year with a BIG BANG, $ORBYT tokens will be listed on the HOTBIT exchange tomorrow, Friday 03-Jan @ 4pm (UTC +8). It is our first exchange listing for the BitOrb Exchange native tokens! At the same time, there will be an A.M.A.:

Ask-Me-Anything LIVE session will be streaming for any questions the public may have about BitOrb and $ORBYT


The point of listing now was to get the tokens accessible to anyone who wanted it for the benefits it offers within the BitOrb Exchange. This includes discount on taker fees, profit sharing in Bitcoin, and loyalty benefits. Refer to the overview deck on everything BitOrb.

We just uploaded a casual A.M.A with Dr Long Vuong (Tomochain) and Lim Hoong-Teng (BitOrb) recently, and we’re sharing it for the first time today to mark this next milestone tomorrow. Listen in on how the partnership formed, their opinions on the technology and get some hints on what’s coming up next.


Exchange Update: New look available

Our testnet is up and running, and if you logged in recently you may have noticed (after refreshing or clearing your cache) that there is now a style button at the top right. This gives you the option of using the blue | magenta original style, or the green | red classic style. Both styles offer day and night modes.

BitOrb Exchange: Original Style

We had some feedback from the trading community regarding the colours, and we built this feature to suit different trader preferences.

BitOrb Exchange: Classic Style

Testnet Trading Competition: 8 January 2020

Full speed ahead in 2020 and next week we begin the Testnet Trading Competition (TTC) on Wednesday @ 11am (UTC+8).

Banner promoting the TTC

We’re expecting new and experienced traders to participate over the 3 rounds of competitions. That’s right! 3 rounds:

3 days Kick-Off | 5 days PlayOffs | 5 days Championship

All three rounds are open to all and are free to enter. Use this opportunity to trade as best as you can and stand a chance to win Bitcoin and ORBYT! Everybody is loaded up with 50 test BTC to begin with, and final positions are determined via Return-On-Investment formulae.



Hoong-Teng Lim

2nd January 2020


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BitOrb Testnet Trading Competition is coming soon where winners will be rewarded in Bitcoin and ORBYT Tokens!

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