Newsletter 48: Getting Into ORBYT

4 mins read

“Don’t count the days. Make the days count.” — Muhammad Ali

ORBYT is one of 3 value propositions that we have created for users of the BitOrb Exchange. The native profit-sharing token and the exchange are directly-intertwined in utility and value.

Our most recent marketing campaign was focused on creating awareness towards the main benefits of the ORBYT token. These are:

20% of Net Profit After Tax of the Exchange paid out in Bitcoin

Up to 30% Discount in Taker Fees

Up to 30% Fees in Referral Commission

and token holders only pay a very low transaction fee of 0.00001 ORBYT and they need not use other coins when carrying out transfers between ORBYT wallets.

Marketing Manager Elina sharing results on the recent ORBYT campaign


We believe the use of blockchain technology in creating digital assets like ORBYT, will gain widespread popularity in the coming years. The old and the new financial age will come to a point where some ideas will give way and whole new approaches will emerge as a global standard (thinking tectonic plate movement here!).

At some point in the near future, very-accessible digital asset tokens (high liquidity) will outpace the closed-off stock markets, and be the preferred choice for access to capital.

In a simple analogy and use case example, imagine your car with a blockchain ID. You have the private keys. You put it on sale in an exchange. A buyer sends you BTC for it. The car “keys” are transferred. An asset ownership change within seconds. No system of car ownership in any nation across the world can come close to this level of efficiency.

We have launched the ORBYT Token and it can be traded here today!



If you just saw your playBTC in the testnet exchange account reset to 10 playBTC, then you’re on the latest update dated Feb 18!



We have received some bounty hunters through the support portal. Thank you for your participation. This is an on-going program that will carry on into mainnet launch. Keep up the good work chaps!

The details for submitting bounties can be found here!


Hoong-Teng Lim

18th February 2020


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BitOrb Testnet Trading Competition is coming soon where winners will be rewarded in Bitcoin and ORBYT Tokens!

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