Newsletter 63: Just a few more days!

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Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work gains success. Greatness will come.

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After 2 weeks of private access and internal trades, we are now ready to open the doors of the BitOrb Exchange this week! 

Why trade on BitOrb?

The team has persevered for almost 2 years to get to this day, and we believe that our platform that is different from the norm, will attract traders who also see the benefits of our features and token. If you have never heard of BitOrb before today, know of these UNIQUE features:

  1. Open multiple long and short positions with different leverages — a great tool for traders to day trade and still have open long term positions!
  2. Create and execute automated orders using multiple triggers with the Orchestrator — an awesome tool (patent pending) for traders to participate in the market 24/7! 
  3. Trade futures and stake ORBYT Tokens for long term benefits — Profit share paid out in bitcoin, taker fee discount, referral commissions and more!

Why trade on BitOrb.. now?

With our launch recently, we are also glad to announce freebies for users! These include:

  • First Time Registrations Rewards
  • First Time Deposits  Rewards
  • Trading Fee Discounts with no minimum trade volume required

Why trade on BitOrb.. in future?

The BitOrb Exchange is in a unique position to offer traders a value proposition unlike any other. As of September, if you trade in our exchange you get:

  • ORBYT Bonus — Based on the amount you trade in a month, you will be rewarded with ORBYT Tokens. The more you trade, the more tokens you are eligible for.


Upcoming ORBYT bonus promotion for ORBYT token holders


For a trader, you have the opportunity to trade on an exchange where you can partake in the net profit after tax (NPAT). As a futures trader, there is no other exchange in the world where you are able to get a share of the exchange profits. If you are staking your ORBYT, you will get profit share when the exchange makes profit.

In addition, if the exchange does well, then there is opportunity for great upside for ORBYT Token holders.


Hoong-Teng Lim

2nd September 2020


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