Member of the Week: Lee Tuan Khoon | 本周成员: 李传勤

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Lee Tuan Khoon always knew he had a passion for numbers. During his school days, he would always look forward to his mathematics and physics lessons because he could do a lot of calculations and feel a special kind of satisfaction when he gets the right answers. Though he loved his classroom sessions, he was still quite the sportsman too. He played all kinds of sports but one he enjoyed most was track and field.

Khoon pursued his love for maths and science when he went into his tertiary studies. He was offered a scholarship to study Actuarial Science from Drake University located in Iowa, United States.

It was also during this time when Khoon would come to know about cryptocurrency. He had heard about Bitcoin when it was created in 2009. Not thinking too much about it, he brushed off and continued with his studies.

While at Drake University, Khoon worked as a Receptionist at Office of Residence Hall and later a Monitor at the Actuarial Education Center to earn some side income.

After graduation, Khoon came back to Malaysia and soon started working in AmGeneral Kurnnia as an Actuarial Executive. After two years in the field, he wanted more exposure and be exposed to different industries. That’s when he joined Hong Leong Bank as a Quantitative Analyst/Trader where he was responsible for managing the risk of various equity derivatives products. He had to take up the Derivatives Trader examinations by the Securities Commission Malaysia.

Some time in 2017, Hoong-Teng, Jeremy and Umair approached Khoon to ask him to join as an investor for BitOrb. During this time, BitOrb was but a mere foetus and they wanted to raise funds for the startup. Seeing the potential in the company, he decided to be a partner instead. As 2019 rolled in and BitOrb had properly set up, he joined as the Head of Product.

Basically, Khoon is the brains behind the exchange. He ensures that all our calculations are correct and that our exchange is full proof.

“Mathematics is easy but making sure that the correct formulas are accurately applied is what makes my job challenging.”


大学期间,对数学和科学的热爱都是他一直在努力学习的重要部分。这也因为如此, 他获得了位于美国爱荷华州德雷克大学给予的奖学金, 专研在于精算系。

也是在大学这段时间,传勤也开始了解了加密货币。他在2009年比特币创建时, 他也曾经听说过比特币的消息。因此, 他对比特币产生了好奇和兴趣,就开始研究。



在2017年, BitOrb邀请了传勤加入作为投资者。而在这段期间,BitOrb只是个刚创建的公司,他们当初想为这家公司的初创筹集足够的资金。然而在这个时候, 传勤看到了这家公司的潜力,他决定成为了合伙人。随着2019年, BitOrb的稳定,他决定加入了产品主管与大家并肩作战。基本上, 传勤在公司的职责确保了所有的产品的计算都是正确性, 也让顾客对于产品的交易信任。



Chloe Lim

23rd January 2020


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