BitOrb referrals will be able to earn commissions based on the amount of ORBYT Tokens they hold.

The BitOrb exchange’s taker fee is 0.075%. The referee’s taker fee shown in the table represents the taker fee after deducting the discount benefit that the referee gets based on their amount of ORBYT Tokens.

Deducting the maker fee of 0.025% from the referee’s taker fee will get you the commission for affiliate as a percentage of volume traded by the referee. 

How It Works

Scenario 1:

In January 2019, Mary signs up through John’s affiliate link. Without purchasing any Orbyt tokens yet, she is already entitled to 10% discount on trading fee while John enjoys #% commission. 

Scenario 2:

Later that year in June 2019, Mary decided to purchase 50,000 Orbyt tokens. She remains to keep her 50,000 Orbyt tokens for the next 6 months. As a result, she is entitled to enjoy #% discount on trading fee while John receives #% commission monthly until the end of the year.

REFERred users' benefitS:

Users who were referred by the referrals do not have to buy any ORBYT tokens to enjoy 10% discount on trading fee unlike non-referred users. They can also earn more discount up to 30% when they purchase more ORBYT tokens.

Users who did not register on BitOrb via an affiliate link will not be entitled to a discount on the trading fee if they do not hold any ORBYT Tokens or if their ORBYT Tokens is less than 100. 

HOW DO I BECOME A referral?

Create a BitOrb account at and you will automatically have a referral link and page set up in your account under “Referral”


$ORBYT is now listed on HotBit and will be listed on more exchanges soon

Terms & Conditions

  1. Affiliate compensation will be in the form of Orbyt Tokens. Affiliates will have to perform the services at his/her own expenses and use his/her own resources and equipments. The Affiliate will have to acknowledge that the compensation represents the affiliate’s entire compensation with respect to the agreement. BitOrb will not have any obligations for any other expenses or cost incurred by the affiliate during the term of services. 
  2. Affiliates will have to adhere to the commissions compensation based on the structure listed as per shown in the affiliate program. Commissions will be paid out in Bitcoin and will be distributed at the end of each day. 

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