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Newsletter 18: SWITCHED ON: Registration Portal

JULY 1st was the day we began accepting online registrations from around the world. According to Google Analytics, we found most of the net traffic coming through to our full website (or abridged versions for restricted jurisdictions) were from:

Highest visitor numbers over the last 7 days to

The duration that a unique and first time visitor spends on the landing page is currently around 1 min 31s. Although that is barely sufficient time to go through the website home page material, we are confident that the site is proving useful for visitors as the trend has been rising from before and the fact that most STO participants will be downloading the Whitepaper if they are interested to know more in depth.

Last 7 Days chart for Visitor Duration at the homepage.

An Update: Exchange Development

We’ve been making progress on our exchange back-end development. As you are aware, derivative models are extremely complex to create and part of the complexity is attributed to latency (“speed” at which information is updated), risk management (ensuring the order books have sufficient liquidity and margins to accommodate for ordered transactions), and ensuring high-frequency trading and up to 100x leveraged trading is catered to in a volatile market.

Many hybrid exchanges can only cater to 2–5x leverage for users. Some new announcements by established exchanges have started looking at up to 20x leverage. BitOrb will do up to 100x when it launches end of this year. The exchange will enable users to deposit BTC and ETH into their exchange wallets. This will allow users to purchase contracts for BTC using BTC, and contracts for ETH, using ETH. This is extremely useful for miners, traders and high-net worth institutions / individuals, to hedge themselves in respective currencies or trade more easily in their own respective base currencies.

The exchange is expected to be completed in September, with testing going into October and November. Currently, the exchange is at 60% completion.

An Update: Marketing Development & Airdrops!

Our newest addition to the BitOrb marketing team is a bright young lady named Virginie. Together with the CMO, she will be developing marketing strategies and managing our online campaigns throughout the duration of the STO. You can also find her on our Telegram channel. Welcome to BitOrb!

In celebration of our registration portal launching in July, we are also sharing this milestone with everybody out there who comes to the website, register, and complete their KYC documentation checks. By doing so they will be able to receive 100 Orbyt Tokens which they will receive when the exchange goes LIVE by December! All qualified investors for the STO will also receive this airdrop of 100 Orbyt tokens!

We share with participants why they should invest in us right now:

Team and Technology. You are an investor, and you don’t have the time to learn everything about the investments you’re involved in.

So if you’re going to put your hard earned capital in a business, you should be able to trust the team to plan, deliver and manage as best as they can.

Target. This is a global reach business model. The derivatives market for cryptocurrency and digital assets is very much at its infancy at “mere” trillions now. The headroom for growth is exponential with the unlocking of more assets in the coming years and the eventual maturity of the cryptocurrency industry.

Timing. The BitOrb team did a few things worth mentioning in the early days. We started building a project in a bear market. In order to catch the wave, you have to start swimming hard before it arrives. We expected the project to take at least a year and half to deploy, and so we have planned it for the coming Bitcoin halving event in 2020. To be ready, we needed to be operational before the end of 2019. Timing is everything, and we are sticking to the schedule.

So if you’re looking to get some tokens, find out as much as you can about BitOrb by visiting our website, reading the whitepaper, following the social media channels and engaging our growing community.

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