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Newsletter 15: The Origin Story Part 1: BitOrb

BitOrb – The Origin Story Part 1: BitOrb

Welcome to the BitOrb newsletter! This issue records the evolutionary growth of the Exchange by publishing our newsletter online and announcing our entry into the next financial revolution: Cryptocurrencies and Security Token Offerings. Perhaps for most of you reading this, it will be the first time you’ve heard of us… Not surprising since we’ve kept this secret close to our chest for a year!

Issue 15 marks the first newsletter released online and in Medium. As we begin our Security Token Offering in June, we’d like to take some time over the coming weeks to share with you the origin story of BitOrb.

From monthly newsletters in November 2018, to weekly newsletters in April 2019.

In order to appreciate this in its entirety, we look back to early 2017.

The founders of the project had been involved in 3 different cryptocurrency operations. Hoong-Teng had been mining. Jeremy was trading coins and Umair was investing. Fun fact: Although we had been friends for some time, we didn’t know for months that all of us were involved in the industry. It was only in Q3 2017, did all 3 come together and began discussing the world of blockchain and the trading of cryptocurrencies!

It was on 23 February 2018, when 3 friends became partners and started investing as one in the blockchain industry.

On 7 March, we began diversifying into Masternodes, or Proof-of-Stake blockchain projects.

On 21 April, we began discussing the different possibilities of a new exchange. We found ourselves going one way, but by chance or circumstance, it lead elsewhere! What a twist and we wouldn’t know its impact until months later.

But more on that in the coming newsletters..

by Lim Hoong-Teng (Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder).

Development and Marketing Updates

On 3rd June, we launched STO website 1.0 that allowed interested parties to download the Whitepaper. Website 2.0 is being tested at the moment and will continue into the weekend. Once we’re ready, we’re looking to begin full registration with Know-Your-Customer (KYC) checks on Monday, 17 June.

Exchange development is currently around the 45–50% mark to completion. We raised sufficient seed funds to complete development and to deploy the BitOrb Exchange for Q4 this year. We expect the exchange to be completed in Q3, where testing will be carried out over a period of two months.

Marketing Roadshow to Seoul (25 June), Hong Kong (27 June) and Tokyo (28 June) has all been confirmed with flights booked and venues too. Email us: [email protected] if you can meet us then and there!

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