Why bitorb


We are enabling two different modes of the BitOrb exchange that cater to the needs and trading experiences of novice, casual and professional traders.  

The Simple Mode:

This mode is designed for novice and casual traders, who have limited exposure to trading derivatives. The minimalist structure helps users to navigate the interface without getting lost in the never-ending waves of a crypto derivatives exchange.

The Advanced Mode:

Experienced traders can take advantage of the fully customizable user interface and complete suite of products available. In the Advanced mode, users can access the Orchestrator, an intuitive and automated trading tool that helps users to trade more efficiently in a 24/7 market. 

Automated Trading Strategies

The Orchestrator is a never seen before innovation built in house by the BitOrb tech team and is a first of its kind technology for a cryptocurrency exchange. 

Once the user has built their trading strategies on the Orchestrator, the exchange engine executes these trades once the conditions of the user’s strategies are met and this happens at a fast speed with the monitoring happening on several trigger points every second. As a result, users are able to trade in a 24/7 market without interruptions.

We have a dedicated team of individuals who will be available to attend to any enquiries. We are accessible 24/7 to ensure support consistently to anyone from anywhere across the globe.  

To find out how you can reach out to us, please visit https://support.bitorb.com/

Long and Short Simultaneously

Users can simultaneously open long and short contracts on the BitOrb exchange. Having access to these advanced techniques allows users to hold longer-term position while taking advantages of moves on the smaller time frame. Traders could potentially scalp additional profit from the minor moves in the market while reducing risk in their longer-term positions for longer and more profitable runs.  


BitOrb’s matching engine is built on a low latency and high performance stack that delivers micro-second latencies and an expected throughput of 100,000 trades per second on a single server to ensure our users will always have access to the system. This means users can least expect system overload issues occurring during their trading activities.

BitOrb is offering one of the most competitive fee structures whereby users can enjoy up to 30% discount on taker fees by holding ORBYT Tokens or signing up through a referral link.  


BitOrb Testnet Trading Competition is coming soon where prizes are worth more than USD 33,000 in USD and BTC. 

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